Autodijelovi istra, autodijelovi umag, autoelektrika istra, autoelektrika umag, starteri, alternatori, filteri.

d.o.o. is a company that carries roots from 1984  from domestic production craft "Electro Mechanics" in which are manufactured parts was assembling (regulators, flashers, stators, coils starter) for the first installation of Iskra and Zastava Kragujevac. In 1993 craft busines was transformed into a company, and continued partly with production but more with representation of the manufacturers of the world in the field of auto electrics in the former Yugoslavia. Since 2000, the company terminated the production and specialized for import and sale of original and high quality spare car parts in the field of rotary and standard autoelectrics.

We cover LKV, PKV, construction, marine program and program of special vehicles. Our product range still contains air compressors as well as their parts, turbo chargers including spare parts, fuel pump, EGR valves, oxygen sensor and a wide variety of motor sensors.

Thanks to the direct purchase from manufacturers of car parts, we provide our customers the highest quality car parts at affordable prices. With our professional staff with many years of experience and long-term cooperation with quality global suppliers, enable us to quickly and accurately meet the needs of customers, very fast delivery and quality guarantee with the guarantee period up to two years.

Our main customers are auto electricians, auto mechanics and car parts stores. In addition to the Croatian market, we are also present on the markets of Slovenia, Serbia and Italy. Wide range of about 15,000 still available items, within our two offices and warehouses at our distributors, allows us to deliver our goods within 24 hours all over the Croatia.

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